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Name: Cael Doran
Age: 15
Species: Nephilim a.k.a. half-angel.
Canon: Original


Cael and is from a world where the normal and supernatural coexist, although segregated. There's still some tension and suspiciousness on both sides. It's required of supernatural creatures to apply according human laws if they wish to be a part of the human world. Cael grew up with a single mother. He has little recollection of his father and his mother has remained unclear on his origins. He's aware that he's something more than human but not exactly what. As he grew up he got close to a fellow "supernatural", a werewolf called Matt. They became friends.


Cael is blonde and slightly below average height for a 15-year old. He's skinny but well-defined in his muscles. He usually wears his hair short and out of his face. He has a cross-like birthmark on his right shoulder.

For someone with the ability to sense auras Cael will be surrounded by a surprisingly bright aura due to his angelic heritage. His blood is also infused with holy power and can as such heal injuries or harm evil beings.


Cael's father was an angel and as such he has inherited angelic powers. Cael got an holy aura. While most likely no strong enough to deter evil creatures, people may sense that he isn't human. His blood is also infused with holy power and as such he can recover from injuries much faster than humans and he can't get sick. His blood will also injure evil or demonic beings.
In addition to the powers his blood grants him he also have enhanced senses, super strength and super speed. While he may not be as strong or fast as other supernatural creatures, it does give him an edge. In addition he can also "sense" if people he care about or wish to protect is in danger.

He can learn how to tap into the power of his blood to use divine spells, like heal. However he's currently untrained. Due to his inexperience he may spontaneously cast spells when under emotional pressure, like fear or anger.

The particular being he's is based upon the Biblical Nephilim or Giants, offspring by angels whom could not resist mating with human females. According to the Bible they were wiped out during the Great Flood and a hundred or so of them kept to become demons. However due to the story I'm writing his powers aren't inherently evil. On contrast they're good. Certainly undesirable in the eye of God but allowed to exist. His father is an angel whom fell for temptation and is making amends. Though as the hero of the story Cael would grow to become a force of good. If he only could find his faith.


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